Adventurer Forms

 REGISTRATION FORMThis form is for leaders to use on your club registration day.  Keep in your files for your records, as it has parental consent, health information on the Adventurer and contact details.

AWARD APPLICATION FORMWhen ordering for Awards please print this form fill in the requirements and post to the Youth Department. Please note if the Award is not in stock it will take 2 to 3 weeks for the item to be received.
Please keep a record of all Awards accomplished, a scrapbook is ideal, as they will be need to be sighted by your District Director.
Note: Adventurers need to be awarded with their token as soon as the Award has been accomplished.

SUPPLIES ORDER FORMThe supplies order form is for uniform items, or club supplies ie Flag, Banners etc.  Fill in the requirements and post to the Youth Department.

BOOK CLUB CERTIFICATE FORMWhen your Adventurer's have completed their reading requirements to the satisfaction of the Club Leader, fill in the Book Club Certificate form and post to the Youth Department, A certificate printed with the Adventurers name will be posted to the Club Leader to be presented.

INVESTITURE FORMYou must fill out the Investiture form and your District Director will sign both it the the class cards off.
You need to invite your District Director to come and visit your club at least three weeks before the investiture date to check cards and see that the work is complete.
As an Adventurer Leader you will need to consult with your church boards and have the date of your Investiture approved.  Then you will need to book the date with the Youth Department as early in the year as possible (together with your Pathfinder Club). As the end of year gets very busy with Investiture you may not get the date you want.

SAFETY ACTION PLAN FORM When your club is going on any outing or having a special event a Safety Action Plan MUST be filled in and presented to your church board and a copy sent to the Youth Department. If there are several programs within the one event you MUST fill in a form for each program. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT THAT MUST BE ADHERED TO.