Click on the form you require to download, save the form proceed to fill in and post/email to the Youth Department.
If you can not locate the form required please contact the Youth Department for the form to be sent to you.  For ordering honours
remember to have your District Director sign
the form before posting. Monthly reports are due on the 10th of the following month.


BOOK CLUB CERTIFICATE ORDER FORM Once the reading course books have been read by all
Pathfinders in your club fill this form in return it to the Youth Department and Certificates will be
sent to you.

LOCAL PATHFINDER CLUB REGISTRATION FORM - Individual This form is for you to use as
a Club record of all participants within your club, giving gardian contact numbers, health, and
parental approval.

DIRECTOR'S MONTHLY REPORT FORM This form is for Pathfinder Director's, it needs to be
filled in each month and returned to the Youth Department by the 10th of the following month.
The youth secretary will email you a reminder.

SAFETY ACTION PLAN To be filled in for ALL activities and a copy sent to the Youth Department

RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN This goes hand in hand with the Safety Action Plan, both forms need to
be filled in and a copy to be sent to the Youth Department.

SUPPLIES ORDER FORM For ordering Pathfinder Resources ie Flag, Pledge & Law Banners etc

HONOUR ORDER FORM Please fill this form in when you require Honours. Your District Director
needs to have signed the form after marking Pathfinder honours.

UNIFORM ORDER FORM If any Pathfinder Uniforms are required please fill this form in and send
to the Youth Department along with payment.

MEMORY GEM CERTIFICATE FORM Once the Memory Gem Exam has been sat, send in the results
to the Youth Department and the Certificates will be sent to you.

INVESTITURE ORDER FORM After your District Director has visited your club and checked that
the requirements for Investiture have been complete the Pathfinder Director can place the
Investiture order. This must be done at least 3 weeks prior to your Investiture date.

PATHFINDER PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM For Pathfinders and Staff to receive a Pathfinder
Passport fill this form in and post to the Youth Department with a photo and payment. The Passport
is used as a record of Honours, Camporees, Investitures and Conference Events.